I’ve been sharing pictures of my travel on my facebook page to entice people to places I think are worth visiting but I want to be more helpful in providing information to friends who seek for more details. That’s how this blog came about. I don’t quite enjoy writing, to be honest, but some places and establishments that I have visited do deserve some shoutout. I wonder how long I can keep up with this blog. There are several places that I have visited the past few years that I really want to write about because the experiences there have been memorable. Most of these places don’t need much promotion from me actually (judging from the increasing number of tourists that have been flocking there) but there are some things that I’d like to share that could be useful to first-timers (hopefully). If you seek adventure in your travel, you have come to the wrong blog. Safety is high on my priority. So is cleanliness. 🙂

Coming right up is a post on my recent trip to the South Island, New Zealand.



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